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Imprint Kyparissia has an ideal situation, only 3 hours on the high-
way away from Athens and can also be reached quickly
by air or overland. All year round there are scheduled
flights from Athens to Kalamata; in summer from Berlin,
Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover and Frankfurt to
Kalamata and Araxo From Kalamata to Kyparissia it is
only 1 hour by car and from Araxos only about 1 1/2 hours
to travel.
When travelling by ferry from various ports in Italy,
Kyparissia is easily reached by car from the port of Patras.
The wonderful location of Kyparissia is ideal for day trips
in the region. In 30 minutes you can go by car to Oympia,
Sparta or Mystras. Mykene is about 2 hours away by car.
For Nauplia, Epidurus you need about 3 hours and about
4 hours to get to Delphi.

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